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» About The Internship Program

ELRI provides opportunities for internships to highly-motivated individuals and students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels from Nigeria, Africa and around the world that have an interest in the area of the environment. With a view to contributing to their vocational training, ELRI places great importance on internships as a significant tool in supplementing the knowledge acquired during individual vocational training and students' studies with hands on experience that enables them to understand the way in which a non-profit organization functions. Most importantly, ELRI’s internships programme offers young professionals the opportunity to express and articulate their interest in the area of the environment and make their contributions towards at the promotion o environmental protection and conservation.

Our interns enjoy the rewarding experience of working in a non profit organization, based in a city that has demonstrated a strong commitment to the environment and to attracting international organizations and events. They also have the opportunity to interact with ELRI staff and other resource persons – affiliated with the Institute - and have access to ELRI’s library resources.  

Interns with keen interest in the area of the environmental are welcome to apply. Successful applicants will spend time supporting the work of our project and legal professionals and will gain the opportunity to participate in an exciting array of projects, conferences and workshops.

While we are not able to offer remuneration for fellows or interns, they are provided with their own working space including computer with email/Internet access, essential Windows applications and full access to our substantial library collection. 


Students and young professionals in Nigeria and around the world are welcome to ELRI to participate in our volunteer internship program. Working at the ELRI promises to be an enlightening experience, providing an insight into what it is like to be a part of the fascinating world of a non-profit research institution working in the field of environmental law and policy.

Particular assignments are determined according to a mix of factors, of which the intern's level and qualifications, and in tandem with ELRI particular need at the time.

Essential Requirement:

To qualify for an internship at the ELRI, you must be a graduate, undergraduate or post-graduate student either in environmental law or in a course of studies with a strong legal component, for the duration of the internship. ( for undergraduate and post graduate students, proof of enrolment is required in the form of a letter from the university or institution concerned.  While for graduate or independent candidates two signed letters of reference must be provided.

Please note: ELRI reserves the right to determine the status/designation of the references for this latter category)

» Internship Application - Letter of Agreement Covering Interships

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