Community Advocacy
1. Epidemic looms as Atlantic Ocean inundates Lagos community
For the umpteenth time on Saturday, May 31, 2014, residents of Okun Alfa Community by the Alpha Beach along the Lagos coastline on the Lekki Peninsula, Eti-Osa Local Council, were inundated by flood waters from the Atlantic Ocean. The water intruded into their homes and businesses, rendering some homeless and stranded. Read More

2. Promoting Environment Protection and Health in Oribanwa Community
Still on its mission to raise awareness on protection of the environment and sanitation, officials of the Environmental Law Research (ELRI), visited the Oribanwa Community in Eti Osa Local government to promote good sanitation practices and environmental protection. The visit was undertaken as part of ELRI’s environmental health and sanitation awareness promotion in communities. Read

3. Good sanitary practices protect the environment
MoreToilets, washing facilities, adequate drainages, water quality, refuse and wastewater disposal: sanitation facilities such as these are a prerequisite for clean, healthy household and community living environments, particularly in rural areas. Broadly speaking, sanitation services are a vital safeguard to environmental quality Read More
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Community Advocacy
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