Focus Areas
  • Capacity Building
1] Enhancing individual and organizational capacity for environmental sustainability:
  • Enhancing individual and organizational capacity for environmental sustainability

2] Training Programs:
  • ELRI’s courses are designed to equip and empower participants to foster knowledge and skills in the area of the environment.
  • Our objective therefore is to assist and provide environmental education and training through in-depth analysis and rational approaches.
  • Our faculty comprises a balanced mix of experts from different fields/ profession. We can design and deliver courses on the following:
  • Courses to be covered include but not limited to:

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  • Research & Development / Legal Drafting

1] Research & Development

  • Conducting research and gathering reports on critical areas of environmental governance for effective development
  • Information Dissemination

1] Information Disemmination

  • Providing insightful and contemporary information on issues relating to the environment


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