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About the Course:

There is global recognition that financial institutions have significant influence and leverage on business practice through project financing. However, the finance provided may result in unsustainable practices because banks and project sponsors often do not carry out adequate environmental and social impact assessments of the projects they are financing. This course provides an introduction and understanding for project financiers on how to start applying social and environmental criteria to their provision of financial support and or investment in projects in line with international best practice. 
It is also designed to educate risk managers and analysts in commercial, corporate, investment and retail banking on the identification, analysis and management of environmental and social risks generated through their lending and investment activities.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to Project ļ¬nance;
  • Principles of Project finance;
  • Financial Innovation for the Environment (project impact assessment);
  • Case study on: The Equator Principles: An Industry Approach to Managing Environmental and Social Risks   

Target Audience:

The course is open to:

A broad range of financial institutions, from commercial and investment banks to venture capitalists, asset managers and multi-lateral development banks, credit officers and agencies interested in understanding the concept of sustainable banking and its importance to corporate and national development.

Duration of the Course:
5 Days

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For more details about this course please contact:
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