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Capcity building

Capacity Building

  • Enhancing individual and organizational capacity for environmental sustainability:

    Enhancing individual and organizational capacity for environmental sustainability

Training Programs:

ELRI’s courses are designed to equip and empower participants to foster knowledge and skills in the area of the environment.

Our objective therefore is to assist and provide environmental education and training through in-depth analysis and rational approaches.

Our faculty comprises a balanced mix of experts from different fields/ profession. We can design and deliver courses on the following:

Courses to be covered include but not limited to:: Read More

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Research & Development / Legal Drafting

  • Research & Development


Conducting research and gathering reports on critical areas of environmental governance for effective development

Red person spreads his influence to other people. The process of chain infection. Dissemination of information and rumors. Recruiting new followers around the idea. Leader and leadership.

Information Dissemination

  • Information Disemmination


Providing insightful and contemporary information on issues relating to the environment