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About the Course:

Bio fuels derived from plant resources are among the most rapidly growing renewable energy technologies in the world today. The course focus is on biomass-derived bio fuels, production technology (bio ethanol production & biodiesel), testing, marketing, economics and global trends. As developed and developing countries seek investments in bio fuels development programs, trained personnel in bio fuels value chain, information on emerging trends worldwide, and networking opportunities are critical. This course is designed to meet this gap.

Course Outline:

  • Current and projected energy demand: Global biodiesel market trends- regulatory & policy frame-works;
  •  Alternative & Renewable energy: Definitions & sources;
  •  Production of Bio fuels from traditional, new feed stocks & waste cooking oils: Chemical Conversion Processes and Applications;
  • Utilization of by-products and value addition chain;
  • Agronomy, Meteorology & Socio-Economic aspects of bio fuels: Current state of Knowledge & Case studies.

Target Audience:

This course is open to:

Participants interest in understanding what are bio fuels, their emerging role in critical global matters such as energy security, poverty alleviation, environmental benefits, climate change and CDM's / carbon credits and targets understanding of bio fuels and improve communication among public and private organizations and professional development of participants.
The course is also designed for persons interested in investing in bio-fuels as grower, processor, distribution / marketing, environmental conservation and
biodiversity matters, as well as policy makers.

Duration of the Course:
5 Days

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For more details about this course please contact:
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