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Environmental Governance1

Environmental Governance

ELRI’s environmental governance programs are aimed towards developing inventive approaches to solving and or mitigating new or entrenched environmental problems and changing tools and economies.  ELRI views “governance” here as including the range of legal and other techniques employed in both the private and public sectors to foster environmental protection. Such governance tools include, not only conventional regulations (legal or customary), but environmental assessments, information disclosure, market mechanisms, economic incentives, and public policies and programs that promote voluntary environmental stewardship.

ELRI ensures that environmental governance programs operate at the international, federal, state and local levels. Thus the key objectives are to:

  • Develop and foster innovative government and business approaches to environmental protection.
  • Safeguard and strengthen the implementation environmental laws.
  • Introduce policymakers and practitioners to innovative ideas from the academia.
  • Build the capacity of judicial officers on the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws.
  • Develop effective environmental, health, and safety governance structures for new technologies in environmental management.