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Environment and Sustainability


This collection of essays, on issues, policies and contentions relating to environment and sustainability, has been put together as a Tribute to Professor Peter Akinsola Okebukola, OFR, formerly Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Nigeria; the First African to win the prestigious UNESCO, Kalinga Prize for the Communication of Science; consultant to a number of international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank and UNDP; African Representative and Member of the Board of Directors of the International Council of Associations for Science Education; former Acting Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, Visiting Professor at the Curtin University of Technology, Austria; Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council Osun State University; and Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council Crawford University, Ogun State.

Why a tribute in the area of environment and sustainability to this unique and accomplished scholar one may ask? Professor Peter Akinsola Okebukola’s revealing portraits is that of a highly respected man of ideas who has done so much to promote the organized learning, teaching and


training of environmental education in Africa. The book has been conceived against the background of the rapid, breath-taking, untamed economic development and global environmental change affecting the different spheres of our national and international life.  In a manner and on a scale never witnessed before, humanity is confronted with environmental challenges at national, regional and global levels, while communities continue to grapple with strategies aimed at reconciling the conflicting demands of economic growth and environmental protection.


What emerges with clarity from the foregoing is the need to continue to deepen our searchlight on the critical issues using a multi-disciplinary approach. This is imperative in the light of the far-reaching implications of such issues as climate change, massive loss of biodiversity, deforestation, increased soil degradation, drought and desertification among other challenges to environmental security.  The mantra of Agenda 21 that “Humanity stands at a defining moment in history” must not only continue to resonate, it must also be implemented with a good vision and serious commitment of all and sundry.  It remains to add that this is the only way to come to terms with the challenges of today while preparing for the foreseeable future of forthcoming generation.


Environment and Sustainability: Issues, Policies and Contentions is thus being published against the background of an acute awareness of developments within and outside Nigeria.  The book is divided into three parts, consisting of eighteen chapters, bound together by a common purpose, namely, to critically examine issues, policies and contentions relating to environment and sustainability.

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