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ELRI is offering courses in the area of the environmental studies, management, audit and or compliance.

The courses are run both scheduled and on demand. The training targets investors, financiers, industry executives who are new to the environmental management field or want to refresh/update their knowledge and skills and expertise in the environment, environmental protection and sustainable development issues. For more information see: for list of the courses.

ELRI’s courses are designed to equip and empower participants to foster knowledge and skills in the area of the environment.
ELRI’s objective therefore is to assist and provide environmental education and training through in-depth analysis and rational approaches.
Training faculty comprises a balanced mix of experts from different fields/ profession. We can design and deliver courses on the following:
upcoming courses will include but not limited to:
 Environmental Impact Assessment
 Environmental Reporting
 Environmental Audit
 Environmental Management Systems (for Corporate Sector)
 Regulatory Compliance
 Sustainable Project Financing
 Environmental Risk Assessment
Our trainings are moderately priced and the methodology is a unique blend of lectures reinforced through the application of discussions and case reviews. That way, participants and their respective organizations will be able to obtain the maximum benefit from these programs.

* Please note:
The courses can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs. Should you need further information, please feel free to contact Ebere on +234 1 2801264 who is willing to respond to all your enquiries.

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Past Training
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  • Training for Nigeria Export Processing Authority on Integrating Environmental Impact Assessment & Development Analysis Process for Sustainable Development of Export Processing Zone (EPZ)
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